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When you are looking for an electric gates in South Florida, you are looking for dependability, appeal, subtlety. You want a gate that will consistently open when you need it to. It should be well-designed and be able to attract the eye or complement your home. It should be subtle and not attract attention to itself in the form of grating or grinding.

When you are looking for Electric Gates, you are looking for us. You can rely on us to find the ideal gate for your home, ranch, or business and deliver a high-quality installation. We have a modest selection of great looking designs that will go with whatever you need. Call us today, because when you do, we promise you won’t regret it.

Services we offer:

Installation and Service
Custom Design Services
Maintenance Programs

We specializing in the following:

Automatic Gate Systems
Ranch gates
Driveway gates
Estate gates
Gated Communities
Slide, Swing and Vertical-Pivot Gates
Custom Design Services
Keypads – Remotes – Intercoms
Solar Operators Available

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Residential & Commercial Driveway Gates

Residential Gates – Each of our residential gates are designed to be appealing for your home. When you call us, we will sit down with you and present a catalogue of choices for you. Once you pick the one you like best we will begin to work. In no time we will have the gate, replace the old and install the new.

Commercial Gates – For many businesses, a gate is a matter of safety and authority. Our specialty commercial gates can present an authoritative feel or a welcoming feel depending on what kind of company you represent. Call today to learn about our specialty gates.


Specialty Garage Doors

While gates are incredibly important for establishing a buffer between the residence or business and the rest of the world. Specialty Garage doors offers a buffer between the outside world and one of the most sensitive areas in the house. Having a specialty garage door is no small feat, it should pull attention and represent stability and safety.

We offer a limited but varied selection of specialty garage doors upon request. If you would like to view our selection of garage doors, call us today and inform us of the dimensions for your garage, we may have more than one that would be a perfect fit.


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