Garage Door Springs Replacement

Are You in Need of Spring Replacement?

A garage door spring will last an average of 10,000 cycles if maintained regularly. If you make use of your garage door as an entrance to your house, you can expect to replace this part occasionally. Some parts are exposed to pressure as it opens and closes the garage door. But, this is not a number that most people keep track of.

We replace garage door springs with springs that have an average cycle count of 20,000 cycles and can last for many years. This is one of the most delicate repairs for a garage door. If not done properly, you can risk an injury or costly repair blunder. Whether you need a spring conversion or replacement, our team is here to enlighten you about the best options for your garage door.

Best in Garage Door Springs Replacement Service

USA Garage Door Inc has many years of experience in the garage door repair field, working with countless businesses and homes owners in South Florida areas. We put your satisfaction and safety first. Our garage door experts will take every precaution and make use of their experience to ensure your door opens easily for years to come.

We Provide Service For:

  • Extension spring replacement.
  • Torsion spring replacement.
  • Standard and non-standard spring conversions.
  • Single or multiple car garage doors.
  • Extension to torsion spring conversion.
  • And much more!

We are proud to be your reliable garage door company that you can trust for new installations, repairs, and replacement. Also, we offer special service on spring replacement in South Florida!

We Replace Broken Garage Door Springs – Same Day Service

When it comes to spring replacement, it is ideal to replace the torsion spring that is located above the door opening. The springs slide onto a bar which is connected to your extension spring located adjacent to the door. Both springs are manufactured with the same cycle-rating which means any time one of the spring breaks the other will also need to be replaced or repair.

It’s essential that you know the size of your springs to ensure the right size of spring will be installed for the weight of your garage door. The heavier the garage door is, the bigger the spring will be to balance your garage door. We’ll also do a balance test to ensure that the right size springs are installed.