A consequence of poorly and/or unprofessionally installing garage door springs, may cause property damage, personal injury, and even death. So, replacing a broken garage door spring should not be a do it yourself project.

The two most popular types of garage door springs are extension springs and torsion springs. But, extension springs are the most common garage door spring type.


Garage Door Spring | Broward County, FL | USA Garage Door, Inc.

Torsion Springs use torque to open the garage door, and their location is at the top of the garage door. At the time of operation, when applying a force (motor or physical), they slowly twist and coil on the shaft.

These springs are unique to each garage door, and the weight, height, and other variables affect the spring design and production. They support more weight then extension springs, and they last about twice longer. In addition, they have better balance, so it is easier to open and close the garage door. And, because of that, they are more expensive.


Garage Door Spring | Broward County, FL | USA Garage Door, Inc.

Extension Springs open the garage door through the operation of extending, and they are located above the tracks, on both sides of the door. During operation, a motor applies a force, and they extend, providing counterbalancing force to support the door.


Note that extension springs should have safety cables, and that is, to prevent the spring from flying when they malfunction or break. Also, extension springs are usually less expensive than torsion springs.

Remember! Garage door springs operate using extreme force and tension. In order to minimize and/or prevent damage and/or injury/death, replacing a broken garage door spring is for a professional garage door installer.


Garage Door Spring | Broward County, FL | USA Garage Door, Inc.


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